2016 -- 8.2 (Spring) Poetry

Ins’t Perfect

By: Ernest Dorman


To the midwife who said it doesn’t

Matter if my son “isn’t perfect”

Because perfection doesn’t exist

Perfection is ungraspable


The crave for perfection

Is what ruins us,

The love to be correct

Pure, right

Morally and ethically,

To be complete


No one can be this word


It is a part of being human.



Is what humans are made of?

It seeps out of us when we

Are angry and sad,

Lonely and vulnerable


Love makes us overlook these

Things we call flaws.

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

That’s the beauty of it,

Imperfection is beautiful

So thank you midwife.



Hello I am Ernest Dorman. I’m a sophomore at State college of Florida. I’m a very outgoing, kind, loving person that is overly positive. I love music and fashion a lot I would love to work in either field one day. After finishing my A.A I want to transfer to USF and get my bachelors in Mass Communication with the concentration on Public Relation. I would love to work with a major fashion company or brand or also a Record Company.  My ultimate goal is to become a creative director for a major fashion company or a Professional singer.