2016 -- 8.2 (Spring) Fiction

The Business Man

by BlackWitch’s Cat

How do you get rid of a person? My dear it is quite simple, for the right price. You see, I am a man with a peculiar line of work. I help madams like yourself to be free of the burden of their lazy men; to be released of their oppressive and abusive spouses. With my business, women do not need to dirty their petite, white hands, nor do they need to be trapped within a loveless marriage. Women can live the pleasant life of a widow for the price of a new dress.


My services are clean and guaranteed to never return back to you. It is neat and precise. My approval rating is high. Just ask Widow Johnson down the road. Yes, yes, two years ago I knocked, at the time, Mrs. Johnson’s husband over the head with a blunt club; to avoid a mess you see. Then I stuffed him in a trunk, which was not easy I must say. The man was quite thick and full of fat but his sweaty pig skin made it easier to slide him in. Then I loaded him onto the truck and my men drove him away. From there it is their duty to get rid of the poor fool. Then, after some time of absence, she was able to claim he was deceased.


Now my dear, tell me, how is it you wish to be rid of that nasty being? Don’t be shy, for but the price of bread I will take requests. Some women are quite vindictive. Why, Widow Johnson even requested that Mr. Johnson be buried while his lungs were still working. Devilish woman she was. Wanted him to feel the same as she when he laid atop her. Please dear, don’t be shy, and do hurry for I am a busy guy.


Bio:  Just a little cat writing little scraps.